Hi! Im Christina, The Millennial MoM behind the Millenialmomblog. I am a mother to a 7 year old daughter who was born on July 4th. She is as every bit of a firecracker as her birthday! 

I wanted to create this space to evolve into a Motherhood landing page for like minded mommas, but really we moms are not just the personal chefs, maids and chauffeurs. We know what works in fashion, food and travel plans for an entire family! 

So you will see everything from what my favorite jeans are to my favorite go to dinners for picky eaters. I will forever be a lover of mixing low end fashion with high end pieces and non vegan dinner recipes with plant based friendly options. I want to always be able to help you do the same, whether

its find a good shoe to pair with a dress or find a healthy meal to sneak into your kids snack routine.

If you have any questions on anything more specific please feel free to  check our FAQ page which ill try to frequently update!


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