Hi Fam! Sorry for the long hiatus but I have been practicing a bit of that self care everyone has been talking about!!

If you've been following me on Social media for a while you are aware of my several necessary surgeries to my lower abdomen due to ovarian cancer, cesarean section and multiple cysts over the years.  I decided this year is the year I will be doing what feels good and what would make me feel good on the inside and out... Literally!
I started the year by purchasing a peloton treadmill and I have to say, it isn’t something I thought I would really love but WOW! Having your own personal gym equipment and trainer at home has been so good for my mental health. 

Since I’ve purchased the treadmill I’ve really been able to focus on myself a bit more and really look in the mirror…Literally! One day I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my sagging skin 😱 it wasn’t horrifying but you can relate to me if you have ever had children and see that one little(or large) area on your stomach that you work out constantly is just not what it used to be. 

This year I’ll be 33, and I am happy to say that I decided to have liposculpting done on my lower mid section. There are so many options when it comes to lipo suction and I decided to go the non traditional route. I didnt want to end up in bed for months and months recovering from a very extensive surgery so I searched and searched until I found the wonderful team at PureSculpting, Jacksonville. We were able to discuss the differences between traditional liposuction and less invasive Liposculpting, my skin prefrences as well as what id hope for my stomach(lower ab) to look like post surgery. I was able to have several virtual appointments as well as back and forth text chats regarding my concerns and hopes for the outcome of the surgery. The most amazing thing about having less invasive Liposculpting is that you are not under general anesthesia but rather local anesthesia, which means you are not asleep during the process. 

I would love to get into the nitty gritty details of the surgery but ultimately I know you want to just see the before and afters! So let’s get right to it!! BUUUUT if you do want to see the video, you can head to  my IG to see the live videos I filmed.

Drumroll please…

I also wanted to provide some questions and answers I was most frequently asked regarding the procedure.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A. It varies and depends on what you are getting, locations on the body and how much. So say between $5,000-$20,000

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Not at all! You are pretty medicated throughout so you can still feel some tugging but no pain during

Q. How long does the procedure last?

A. In short answer 1-3hrs. Again, it depends on the sections and how many sections you opt for

Q. Can you shower after?

A. Yes you can shower the next day but avoid swimming for atleast 3 weeks or until your scars heal

Q. Do you have scaring?

A. There are two maybe dime sized lines on the lower part of my bikini line that should go away with time

Q. If there pain after?

A. I felt limited pain and didn’t require any meds after surgery

Q. When can you workout again?

A. I was advices not to lift heavy weights until 30 days but was able to walk on a treadmill by day 7 and jog by day 10

Q. Are you happy with the results?

A. YES YES YES!! I would happily do it again and in some cases people do go on for a quick (lunch time lipo) just to quick fix some troubled areas. Im feeling more confident with my body image and know that its just a slight tweak adn the results will maintain as long as I take care of myself so im excited to see how it looks even further down the road!

Q. Do you have to wear anything special after?

A. Yes you do have to wear a medical garment for advised 3 weeks 24hrs a day. And then at least 6-9 hrs a day after that for the remainder of the 30 days.

Fun fact: PureSculpting also offers facials, AB Etching, Evolve, Renuvion(which is what i had), Non invasive skin tightening, fat destruction, cellulite smoothing,muscle toning, Botox, fillers, ect. So it’s a one stop beauty shop!

Let me know in the comments if  you guys would be interested in a giveaway or discount??


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