This isnt your typical Fashion post but since its such a game changer for me I wanted to check in with yall to let you know something...

I got lasik!!! After wearing contacts for over 20 years and glasses for over 25 years, It’s safe to say I took my time finding the best doctor I trust to perform Lasik Sugery.

Dr. hunter and his team at Hunter Vision were beyond welcoming, informative, answered all of my (long list) questions, answered my calls whenever I had a question, PLAYED @beyonce and @rihanna for me during my procedure to keep me more comfortable, and so much more!

The procedure itself only took a few minutes from the time I walked into the surgery room to the time I walked out. Each eye 👁 took a total of 15 seconds each! It was the gnarliest thing I’ve opted to do this year 🤣 

I wasn’t nervous because I trusted @huntervision but once I saw the room, I felt like woah I’m actually going to be able to see in like 5 minutes!! 

My glasses are as thick as coke bottles 😂 and my astigmatism is EXTREMELY strong but not as strong as my -8.3 prescription in BOTH eyes! So yes it’s safe to say the overwhelming feeling of having Real VISION is beyond words!

I’ll be posting the full video soon( no squirmies don’t worry) of my experience with @huntervision.

✨have you ever had lasik?


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