LIFE LATELY || December 15, 2019

by - 3:58 PM

Before I get carried away with anything else, I want to tell you that Duke has picked up throwing the word "super" in to just about everything he says and it makes me laugh and laugh. Things like, "hey dad, mom is super thirsty" as I carry a bottle of wine into the living room,  and "hey mom, you gonna be super scared when I do a super big jump (from the top of a dresser)?"

He also announces things for me. Like a few days ago when I was telling a friend that I think he's really potty-trained now, even at night, and he pipes up "my mom wipes my butthole" so nonchalantly that I'm sure he was just trying to contribute to the conversation. 

You know, of all the parenting books I read when I was pregnant, that promised babies are a GD miracle and would make everything better, I would like to offer my editorial. It would have been really helpful if, instead, they said this is going to be really fucking hard and you're going to cry at least once week, but then they'll start talking and you'll laugh a little bit too sometimes. 

Anyway, just my thoughts. 


We've been busily preparing for the holidays. I decided to get everyone books this year, so we spent a lot of time in some local bookstores, which I just don't know why I don't do more often. I guess Amazon is so convenient and I'm also - hello - the library is free. Anyway, since the weekends are also my twice weekly opportunity to be a full-time parent, I've got Duke B with me and let me tell you, he's all about these bookstores too. 

Our current favorite is Brilliant Books, where Duke runs to the back of the store to play with trains while I peruse the nearby shelves uninterrupted for as long as I want. 

Actually, that last bit is a lie. He yells "hey mom! Look at dis!" every 30 seconds and looking at dis requires not only looking, but also verbalizing "I'm looking!"


Spending a lot of time wandering around looking for Christmas lights and Santa sightings. Yesterday a man in a Santa suit drove by in a top-down VW bug convertible while I was out for a walk with Duke. 

Even from a safe distance, Duke has not warmed up to seeing actual Santa. He averted his eyes from his stroller and refused even a friendly wave. 

He did make up for avoiding eye contact with Santa last week by writing a letter. Sadly he had a temper tantrum this morning and for some reason, he tossed the letter out the front door and casually told me he doesn't want Christmas anymore. 

Lol. Okay. 


Really quick, we watched Frozen for the first time earlier this weekend and now we've watched it seven times. Duke's so into it and me too. Have kid's movies always been this funny? 


Okay, happy weekending guys. The Sunday sads are just a few minutes away. I'm going to start my favorite weekly SNL binge ASAP and then I'll start wondering where the weekend went. 


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