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Hey you guys. It's my third favorite day of the week and as usual, I am ready for it. I am also full on into "cheers to fall" mode because I don't hate this season, I just think summer deserves a little more respect and a little less shoving it out of the way in September. But now that we're here, we're here and I say bring on the cider and donuts and pumpkins and candles and cozy socks. I'm queuing up every halloween movie there is on Netflix and that's where you'll find me for the next few weeks.

Speaking of Halloween, I love a good festive get-up. I'm not talking about costumes, although Duke has talked about pretty much nothing else since mid-September. I'm talking the gimmicky goodies that say "HalloweenTown Alum" literally, but also "suburban Mom" figuratively. You know?

Festive halloween sweatshirts and tees for women and kids

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I also really love this one and this one from Callie Danielle . And if you're a mom who likes to get a little matchy-matchy with your kiddo (I do!) check out all the goodies here.

And if you're interested, HERE is the 2018 edition.

Creep it real. Happy Friday!

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