LINKS || September 9, 2019

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Are you sick of me talking about the seasons yet? I mean, I've been pretty passionate about hanging onto summer, but this weekend has been slam-dunk fall-is-here-to-stay weather, and I'll be honest - I ain't mad about it. Not sure why it feels so good, but fine. I give in.

I'm full on considering kick-starting our Soup Sunday thing and warming up some mulled wine this afternoon. But also, I took myself to the beach and went out for ice cream, so you know - ying/yang. 

In other news, I took Duke B for a walk yesterday and brought his little pedal-free bike. I didn't think he'd last very long before I would be carrying him and the bike, but he was a little sport. We cruised for a good hour and all I had to carry was his clothes. 

Literally. He randomly started stripping down for various reasons. It started with his shirt, which fine. Then 10 minutes later, he stopped to pull off his pants, and I'm like, man, what are you doin'? He responded like a.) I don't have eyes or b.) duh. "Takin' off pants, Mom." Except he says "paints" instead of pants and I won't correct him. I hope this mispronunciation lasts into adulthood.  He would have dropped the undies too if I didn't have boundaries. I mean, in public. Then he napped the whole way home and until I woke him up at 6pm (!!!).


Should we talk about how waste some time this week? I kind of think so. 

1 || INTO IT 

That weird summer/fall transition calls for a very specific wardrobe, am I right? It's all warm cozy sweaters up top, and strappy heels on bottom. Feet can't feel cold until it snows, right? Anyway, it works for such a short period of time, but what a  special time that is. 



Fall shopping always just feels so good. I think it's learned behavior, from all the back-to-school shopping from childhood, you know? It was the only time a year my parents bought me new stuff and man did I love it. Crisp new tennies on the first day of school - there's nothing like it.  Now, as an adult, it still feels like the time to refresh my closet and add some essentials.



Big money, no whammies! The stars are promising me "a higher income" and I'm putting all my eggs in that basket. Come'on stars!

Whatcha got going on this month?

4 || LINKS


I'm in the middle two books right now. Maggie-Now, which I mentioned on Saturday and The Language of Secrets. The latter took me a minute to get into, but now I'm locked in. All of the characters have their flaws in full view, and are a little unlikeable, so if that's not your flavor, you'd hate this one. Waiting for some redemption and some secrets to spill.

6 || PLANS

Duke's got a birthday coming up at the end of the week and so I'll be trying to squeeze some prep work into the end of every day, while also feeling emotional about how quickly three years has gone. I love this big kid version so much though, and I wouldn't rewind for anything.

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