LIFE LATELY || September 21, 2019

by - 8:29 AM

Hey guys - happy weekend!

I know everyone on Instagram is just so ready for it to cool down, but I am 10,000% excited for this mild, warmer than usual weather we're having. It's going to be 85º today + it's Saturday and I'm thinking this gift from science or the universe or whatever is an extra boat day in summer 2019.

Thank you, I accept.

Red Romper Late Summer Margarita

Summer lives!


It's been a busy couple of weeks, which has felt really good. I can get pretty melancholy, and totally was, but having a lot to do lately has kind of shaken me out of it.

Duke had a birthday last week and was blasted with really generous gifts. Ryan and I got him a playground for the front yard (totally self-serving because I don't want to sit at the park in January) and his toy box is filled to the brim with monster trucks, tractors, tiny front loaders, and race cars.


In other news - we bought a camper! 

Dodge Camper

Ryan's been looking for one all summer long and we sold our old pop-up about a month ago, so the timing worked out perfectly. Except that summer is mostly over, but you know, if this weather keeps up, we've got our fingers crossed for a color tour into the UP or something. 

It's a relief because when Ryan gets hot on something, it becomes his whole life, so for the last several weeks, every facebook message, every text, every "stop what you're doing and come look at this" has been about campers and I'm really looking forward to talking about something more interesting, like how dirty my windshield is and where's the ketchup? 

I was going to say "just kidding!" but I'm not. I'm glad the shopping part is over and that now we can look forward to all the adventures we'll take in this thing!


So, nothing too crazy planned for this weekend. Actually, I'm leaning wayyy into doing nothing. The next few weeks are busy with a wedding and then my friend's bachelorette party and some wine tasting. This could be the last lazy weekend of the summer, and I'll be really practicing my lazy. 

And probably talking about the camper. Ha!

Happy Saturday!

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