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Hey guys, if Tuesday's got you down, I've got great news. We're here to power through a work week right before a long weekend. Labor Day is almost here! Longest week ever? Yes, definitely. But I am here for silver linings, so I am already dreaming about pushing snooze on my alarm next Monday.

And you guys know my feelings on summer - I love it. But September is seriously the most underrated month. I live in a touristy area and I am telling you, there is nothing nicer than the last bits of warm weather after everyone has gone home. And that's exactly what September is. It's local's summer.

To be clear, it's not fall yet. Regularly scheduled programing over here with lots of beach days and ice cream cones and the smell of sunscreen.

Child playing on Lake Michigan beach



The final dregs of summer laziness.

Friends cheers

Two girls swimming in the ocean

Leopard cat stretched out in bed with white sheets



Whoop-di-doo, my sign is telling me to not get carried away and also to calm down, which is what everyone's been telling me my whole life, so maybe it is written in my stars? Tell me yours is just as boring this week? 


3 || LINKS



Is this the year that clogs come back? I vote yes.



I have a What I Read in August post coming up this week, so I'm going to keep this short. I'm listening to If I Stay and reading Too Much is Not Enough. Feeling kind of eh about both, but I'm too far into them to give up now and the Too Much book is at least hilarious.

Woman reading a book in bed style ripped jeans

6 || PLANS

For the week? Survive. Power through the next four days and as soon as it's 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, blast out the doors, crank the radio and drive literally into the sunset. It's a perk of working west of my job, I'm always driving into the sun. Sounds romantic, no?

D and I are still chugging along on our ice cream tour this summer. We found a new place over the weekend and I've got Buds in Interlochen on my to-do list sometime this week. Anyone got a good recommendation? We've still got a few weeks.

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