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Mid August already. Man, where does it go? I have never in my life said that about January and I'm pretty sure it's only the summer that goes this fast. It kind of feels like just last week I was asking where July went. And it's no joke what they say about getting older and time going faster. The bonus of adulthood is you get to spend at least half your time doing stuff you don't even want to do, cutting in half your already warp speed time to do the things you actually care about.

Don't even get me started on our culture's misguided cult of productivity. It's the stupidest waste of life and I can go on and on.

Anyway! I took Duke to the Rubber Ducky Festival in Bellaire yesterday. It was underwhelming, but I told Duke it was stupid and now I'm backtracking hard because I forgot he says everything I say now. We've been practicing swapping in "kind of boring" as an alternate.

If you're interested in laughing because it's not your kid (it's always funnier when it's someone else's), as we pulled onto our semi-desolate private drive last night, we saw a weird cat. Upon further furtive inspection, Ryan said "that's a fucking bobcat!" which Duke repeated immediately, saying it like "fucking" is an adverb and totally appropriate. We ended the night with a commitment to never swear again because for the time being anyway, that part of our life is over.



Seeing all kinds of pumpkins and orange on my Pinterest feed, but I'm all summer, all the time at least until after Labor Day.

Summer beach signs

Summer 2018



Kate Spade is having their secret sale and I shopped a few things for next season. Can't say no to a good deal.


3 || LINKS

  • Farmers market shoppers unite. Recipes to use for your in season veggies.
  • I tried Mark Cubans morning routine for a week. 
  • New methods, but parents are up to their same old tricks. If you've ever avoided talking to your parents about sharing your shit online, this is for you
    • Side note: we're not that far from the first generation of kids born to insta-famous mom bloggers growing up and having some thoughts to share. Can. Not. Wait. Will it spark a new genre of therapy? 
  • Burning through a full bottle of acetone, learning how to do this. Or this. Maybe this? Oh, spoiler alert, they're all beach waves painted on nails. Killer. 


Just finished up Stephen King's Carrie -- I'm on a typical binge. Find one thing I like, and I go at it hard. It's my third King book in a month. Anyway, I just picked up something fresh and I'm starting Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners by Gretchen Anthony this weekend.  Fingers crossed, because I've put down three books since July that I just couldn't into.



Mine was spot on this month. What about you? 

6 || PLANS

Laying low and staying close to home. For dinner, I coaxed Ryan into going for a drive over to Elberta just to get him out of the house. We grabbed a pizza, parked at the overlook and watched the sun go down while Duke waved to every car going down the hill to the beach. Why don't we do this stuff more often? Small things, you know?

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