Enjoyed Things: Volume 2

by - 8:12 AM

Hey guys - happy Saturday! I'm stopping by this morning with a quick life lately post before we venture out to the (totally real and not even made up) Rubber Ducky Festival in Bellaire.

So, Ryan was on a trip for the last three weeks and I didn't advertise that here because I listen to too much My Favorite Murder, but basically I was filling my weekends by inviting people to come and keep me company. Three weeks is a long time to be the only adult in your house, you know?

Last weekend, Ry's dad and step-mom moved in for the day. His sister, Sarah, lives over in Frankfort, so she zoomed over and we played tourist in our own town for the day. You guys, I cannot recommend St. Ambrose Cellars enough. They have a food truck, tons of libations (no cocktails though) and a huge yard for kids to play in. Duke ran off to hang with the kiddos while the rest of us enjoyed a perfect summer evening.


D and I are continuing our ice cream tour. So far we've tried The Scoop and The Cool Spot in Frankfort, The Arcadia Ice House, and then this week, we went over to Moomers off of Long Lake. I've been meaning to get over there, but man, the lines get crazy. When we drove by on Tuesday, the line was only a little bit out the door, so we stopped.

For the record, Arcadia Ice House is my current favorite, but we've got about a month and half left of summer to throw up a strong challenge.


0% focus on healthy food these days. 


Duke recently learned "wait your turn" so basically the entire time he's up here on this tractor, he's telling me that other kids need to wait their turn. There were no other kids. I guess he was just hyper focused protecting his tractor time. 


Succulent shopping. 


So to follow up on Ryan being gone and finally making it home, he was in an accident on the last day of his trip. Bummer, huh? He's broken, sprained, or sore from the shoulders down, so we'll pretty much be hanging out at home for the rest of the summer. Good thing we like it here.

Have a great weekend!

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