August 4, 2019 - Life Lately

by - 8:19 AM

Ah, the dog days. I love August. Live for August. I just really cannot get enough of the hot, stale, sticky heat of summer, and everything about August is so perfectly that. I was walking through Frankfort yesterday and could literally see the hot haze over the water and to me, it looks like how jet-skis sound. It's just summer.


Soaking up the hot over here. I'm getting anxious about power-packing this last full month of summer, because I always do. So I was at the beach at 10am on yesterday, left only to grab lunch and go over to my SIL's temporary place on Crystal.

In other news, Duke loves doing push-ups. Really not sure where that comes from.


Yesterday, we were driving together with the windows down and my current favorite song jamming away and it was early and already hot and the air coming through the windows was warm too. It was just a perfect feeling. Then Duke just piped up so casually with "me love you Mommy."

First time. I mean, I've coached him into it before, like "do you love me, Duke?" and he'll always nod or say "yeah," but this is the first time he just said it to me. And I got a little teary. This is the longest I've ever had to wait in a relationship to hear it, and it was worth every single day. I'm getting a little sniffly just thinking about it again.


My best friends spent my birthday up here last weekend. Five kids under five with three moms to wrangle it all. I think everyone with decades old friendships will say the same thing, but man, it's crazy how quickly the years pass and the time that goes by without seeing people and still, when it's there, you will slip right back in to the easy way it feels to be together like not a single day has passed at all.

We saw a group of girls at the beach, probably in their late teens or early twenties and I think it was probably vanity, but I thought that they seemed like a younger version of us. I wanted to tell them, some of you will move away to chase jobs and other people, some of you will fight and you'll never talk to them again, some of you will just sort of move on and time will whittle this group down. But in ten years, you'll still be here with your new lives. With your kids and your legally purchased booze and your jobs and husbands to talk about, and it will feel like just like today does. Weird, huh?


Alright friends, I'm off to breakfast at the beach. Happy Sunday - catch ya next time!

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