LINKS || July 3, 2019

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Hey guys, if you haven't heard me screaming about it, I'm on vacation this week and a ton of Ryan's family is going to be up here too, making it a true and actual family vacation. A whole week of a zillion people crowding into a tiny cottage to sleep every night, and get up to shenanigans outside all day. Also, there's about seven big dogs involved. Very Griswold and I've got my eye out for who'll turn out to be our Cousin Eddie. Can't wait!

In other news, Ry and I took Duke to the Cherry Festival on Sunday. We always get it done on car show day, so it starts early for registration and it's the one time a year when Ryan's hustling me out of the house at 7:30. This year Duke really wanted to ride some carnival rides and I realized that I have some anxiety about that, so Ryan took one for the team, spearheading the whole thing (and maybe rolling his eyes a little bit). Ain't no thing, he just plopped him in and made sure the seatbelt was tight, while I took a thousand pictures. I also broke one of my flip-flops and had to walk around Traverse City for about 45 minutes until I bought some replacements. My naked foot was literally black from bare footing it down the sidewalk and the sales girl was like, "um, you have to buy those if you try them on." Haha, I did.



I started Star Crossed by Minnie Darke, but gave up pretty quickly. I mean, it's whatever. Just not my kind of thing I guess. I should have realized from the dust cover that it's laced with a lot of astrology, but I underestimated just what a lot actually is.

Anyway, I moved onto A Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck. I haven't read it in probably a decade, but it got me thinking about how returning to an old favorite feels like reuniting with friends.



6 || LINKS

  • Productive lunch break anyone? I'm definitely guilty of slumping in my car and scrolling social media for my 30 minutes, but down to give any one of these 10 Things to Do on Your Lunchbreak a little try.

  • Every January, I'm always wondering why I choose to live in Michigan. This is why. #freshwater

  • Hot in herrrre. I'm going to see Nelly at the Cherry Fest tonight and the anticipation is second only to delivering Duke. I. Am. Jazzed.

7 || PLANS

It's going to be 90 degrees and that's my kind of weather, so we're hitting the beach with an inflatable airplane because I can't so no to my kid. Happy 4th you guys. Independence rocks.

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