LINKS || July 20, 2019

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Hey guys! It's the weekend after (for me) the craziest week of all time, so this cool, calm morning is very welcome. Duke is still sleeping and it's just me, some coffee, and the rain. Not bad.

Duke has a new trick, btw. I've always heard that toddlers love to ask why, right? Well D skipped right over that and picked up "what is dat, mama?" And I mean, everything is worth the ask, so this is just on repeat over here. I've noticed that if I say "I don't know" and ask him what he thinks it is, nine out of ten times he'll tell me and he'll be right. Last weekend, I took him to Crystal Gardens, which is an antique + garden store compound with lots of buildings in Frankfort. He was mystified by all the things to touch and he kept looking around kind of delightfully bewildered, asking me "what is dis place, mama?"

Also, cheers to finally hitting the dead heat of summer. I hear a lot of complaints, but you won't get a single one for me. I live for this weather, and truly, need it and need to get sick of it to appreciate when fall cools it down. So I say keep it coming, sun. Get hot, get stagnant, get very dog day-ish.



Really reveling in deep summer right now. I just love that Lana Del Ray on a stale summer afternoon feeling. I look at these pictures and see July so hard.



I always get myself something for my birthday because why not? I scooped up the North Face hat earlier this week and I'm considering the other two. By considering I mean procrastinating because I'm also pretending it's not almost my birthday.



I started Stephen King's sort of memoir "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft" last week and I'm still cruising through it. It's a really great read and one of the first things I read by King almost a decade ago. You know, I always kind of shoved him exclusively into the horror genre, because obviously, but  whenever I read a non-horror book by him, I'm always reminded why he's considered so commercially prolific. He's a wonderful writer and I have enjoyed The Green Mile and 11/22/63 immensely, and so getting a peek into the writer in "On Writing" is proving a true delight.

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5 || PLANS

Well, most of the day is over and if you saw my Instagram post earlier, you know the day hit a couple, ahem, roadblocks. Duke's recovered after a nap and the rain's letting up, so I think a nice drive will pull things together nicely. I'm going to grab some ice cream and head north on M22 and just see what looks interesting.

Happy weekending guys. May Sunday drag on forever and ever. 

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