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Farmers market booty.
Last weekend, I had my back turned from Duke, talking to a nice lady about concrete letters and I guess D got a little antsy. He leaned way out of his stroller, tipped the damn thing right over, and gave me a heart attack. I think he was stunned because he didn't cry, but I proceeded to buy him the first thing he asked for, which was luckily, cherries.

Speaking of antsy, it took me two weeks to read the Stephen King book I was on. At the very end, I was getting excited to start something new. I just started "The 19th Wife."

Went on a quick day trip up to Charlevoix to watch the bridge open up every half hour. I had to pry Duke from this place and I think he's going to have some Pavlovs Dogs syndrome about the sound of bells for a while.

Made it home, to beaulahful Beulah. Forever grateful we made the move up here.

For a long time, Ryan and I casually talked about moving to Traverse City, but after we got married, we made it a priority. Ryan sold his half of a business he owned and I took the next six months job hunting. Sometimes it just feels so weird to think back to this time in our lives when we could just so easily relocate.

Left my house early a couple of mornings ago to give myself a few minutes to take a walk before work. It felt crazy good. I grabbed a coffee and just meandered around for 30 minutes.

We're in a fun boundary pushing phase right now, but man, look how sweet that face is. The other day, we were sitting on the couch together watching Bolt for the 45th time that day when he said "Mom?"


"I like you."

And that is how you solicit a million kisses and anything you want for five minutes.

Turned 31 yesterday. I had a pretty industrious birthday actually. I mean of course I worked, and I was running errands and vacuuming the house after everyone left, but when I took my lunch break, I was like GD it, I am not eating in my car on my birthday. So I grabbed some cheap sushi and zoomed down to the Boardman River just really quick and ate outside. It was so truly nice.

This weekend, my best friends are coming up here with their kids. We've been doing this for the last handful of years and it is my favorite weekend of the entire summer. Three toddlers, two babies, and three moms to manage it all. Send margaritas, please.


Happy Friday guys! I hope you have a great weekend.

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