Enjoyed Things Ep. 1

by - 8:14 PM

Just a little photographic review of all the things we've enjoyed recently.

I mean, it's mid July, and I already have the anxious feeling about how short summer is. Maybe because it's already mid-July. And maybe because Target hauled out all the back to school stuff and I know how marketing works. After August, it's pumpkin spice lattes, and then in September, we start getting Christmas stuff. It's just one buying cycle after another. But today is summer, and I'm trying to be mindful that marketing can influence the money you spend, it doesn't actually make the seasons any longer or shorter. Today is summer and I am done being melancholy.

We spent our short summer vacation surrounded by trees and quiet. I think one of the nicest things for a mom is being a place where your kiddo can play, completely safe. Far from roads (Duke ran out into one a couple of days ago and I am still not recovered), my only maybe valid concern is bears and that's a big maybe.

On the 4th this year, we hopped in our boat right before sunset and watched the fireworks from Lake Michigan. The lighthouse was illuminated all night so beautifully.

Duke was so confused at the 4th of July parade, but only for about five minutes. Once he got that the candy was thrown in the street for him to fetch, he was here for it. He wanted to eat each piece immediately, so my hands were quickly full of half chewed tootsie rolls and twice licked suckers, all usurped by the next acquisition.

If you say so.

Local Jewish deli and if it weren't in the opposite direction to work, I'd literally be there every single day. As it is, I'm a weekend regular. So salty, so good.

Sunset and goodnight. Ryan and I, along with his brother and wife spent the late evening on Elberta beach a few nights ago. I fell asleep and woke up just before midnight. On the actual beach. It was like a movie or something.

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