Mid Year Review

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Hey guys, can you even believe that June is almost over. Maybe because spring took forever to show up, combined with rain like, only on the weekends (I feel personally victimized), it just doesn't feel like early summer. Literally and figuratively - has been half a year already?

For the first time in maybe my whole life, I decided to take stock of those new years resolutions I made back in January, when I was all kinds of hopeful for a fresh new year. New opportunities and whatnot, but besides a couple things, I was a little dismayed earlier this month to find that I was mostly living the same old life. I'll say that parenting gets easier and easier, because we're in a sweet spot with Duke. Young enough that he's sweet and generally obedient, but old enough to be independent and pee in the toilet. But other than that, the rest of things are basically the same as always. 

I guess that's the point of mid-year reviews though, right? To catch up before it's too late, so let's talk about the goals I set for myself earlier this year. 


I wanted to start with a win, so I'm plugging this one first. I had a goal to read at least one book per month, which felt really ambitious after having read maybe one book per year for the last few, but I've really been able to follow through on this one. Duke sleeps longer in the morning, so I almost always have a half an hour to read, and then I usually read during my lunch break and right before bed. The weekends give me Duke's nap time, and when he plays outside, I'll perch on the front stoop and read while keeping an eye on him. 

I also gave myself permission to just give up on a book if I can't get into it. I used to force myself through, but I don't have time for that anymore. I'm ahead of pace and so far this year, I've read 10 books completely through. My favorites have been History of a Pleasure Seeker and From the Corner of the Oval


I've really lost the spark here, obviously. I hardly even write on my blog, let alone anything else. I still have ideas churning around pretty frequently, but I've felt really creatively stunted for a while. I don't think that part of me is gone, but shelved for now. I'm in a busy season of life and the energy that I used to spend on writing and drafting and dreaming is currently redirected to parenting and a consuming job. Just a me problem that's part of my current reality. 


Okay, so here's where I really struggled in the first half of the year and maybe my biggest disappointment when I started evaluating earlier this month. This goal is supposed to encompass a lot things, big and small, so it's not all huge changes, but some. In general though, just handling things and not procrastinating. Take action; return library books on time. Take action; get an oil change before I'm 3,000 miles over. Take action; put the house on the market. 

I'm currently 300 miles over on my car service appointment and so maybe it was that annoying alert every time I get in my car that finally pushed me over the edge. It's obviously not an immediate change and I'm probably going to have some library fines to avoid in November, but after a dramatic "what's the meaning of all this" panic attack, Ryan and I did sit down and talk about our goals for the next few years and started making concrete plans for a vacation next spring that we've both wanted to go on forever. 

I called him one day while I was sitting at my desk and just casually asked him if he wanted to get lunch, because we do that pretty often, but I guess I ominously threw out the ol' "I have something to talk to you about," and that dork thought I was pregnant. Definitely not, but we are taking action on some fun plans that give me something to look forward to, and we also bought paint to update our porch. Big and small plans to handle things and not procrastinate. 

Also, I would like to remind everyone that we did have our floors refinished, which I had been complaining about and also not hiring someone to just do it for probably three years. Case closed, class dismissed. 


So that's about it! I had a few other randoms on my resolution list that are always there - like, lose 10lbs (nope), walk every day (great idea, still can't get it done), and drink more water (lololol) - and I'm basically just ignoring those. I'm excelling at one goal right now and really trying to catch up on another, so let's call it a day. I'm exhausted with this 66% of success. 

Just kidding! Happy Sunday and happy Solstice!

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