June 29, 2019

by - 7:04 AM

Hey guys. I walked out of the office yesterday and it was like every single movie where the protagonist walks out the door into blinding white light that envelopes them into heaven or wherever, because I am onnnnn vacation! It is the first time in five years that I'm taking off a week in the summertime and I am just excited straight to the moon.

Ryan and I grabbed a pizza in Lake Ann and let Duke play at the playground for a good hour or so while we snacked away pretending that a week is forever. There was about a billion kids and Duke ran all over the place chattering away. I heard at least one kid nicely tell him that he couldn't understand anything he was saying, but he went on, undeterred. Sometimes I get worried about Duke not being socialized (like he's a dog or something) because he doesn't go to daycare, but whenever I see him being totally normal around other kids, and even really excited, I give it up. Besides, my natural argument is that I didn't go to daycare and I turned out totally normal. Ha!

In other news, one my dreams came true earlier this week. To back up, one of my good friends moved away on Monday, which was a bummer, but she practically gave me her TV, selling it to me at a stupid cheap price. You guys, I've wanted a TV in my bedroom for such a long time and Ryan's always ambivalently leaned towards "nah" but never a straight "no" which is what I clung to. When I was in high school, my Opa got me a TV for my birthday and so all though that and college, I would fall asleep every night with my TV on a timer and I loved it. Still do.Well, now I've got a TV in my bedroom and basically everything I've ever wanted.

So I've got a week of too much ice cream, sunburns, and smelling like coconut sunscreen on my agenda. I also stupidly planned a dentist appointment on Tuesday, but whatever. I'll have freshly cleaned teeth for all those hotdogs I'm going to eat, and that's sort of nice too.
Happy weekending you guys!

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