Saturday, March 23, 2019

by - 5:50 AM

Hey guys! It's been a while and I wish I could say we've been up to adventurous things, but that's untrue, so let's just get to it.

Went to the library a few times last week. For books sure, but mostly because they have a fish tank with "two feeshes, mama!" that Duke is obsessed with. I found this cute book called "Goodnight Traverse City" that I think is awesome, and I've been trying to communicate that the book is about where we live, but I'm not convinced I'm really doing it. He just wants to go back to the page with all the boats and that's cool.

Speaking of "two feeshes," Duke has become just the most chattery. He speaks in full sentences these days, which is very helpful. A couple of days ago, I couldn't find his trains, and he just casually was like "they're in Duke's backpack"  and they totally were. He also does a champion job of alerting me to his needs. I was drinking coffee the other morning when I heard him rustling around in the bedroom. He popped his little head out the door and shouted down the stairs, "Mommy come! Need milk and pants are wet!"

He also comes up with things that make Ryan and I just laugh all day. Yesterday he was on this kick about "suns out, guns out" and then later, we were driving around and he told me that he and Ryan saw a police man when they were driving in "daddy's blue race car." He told me the sound and everything! I thought Ry neglected to tell me about getting pulled over, but it turns out they watched a cartoon earlier that day with a police car. Still not convinced, but sure!


So, today I've got big plans to go to the mall with D and my niece. I gave up unnecessary shopping for Lent, but I love a good temptation and torture routine, and until it warms up enough to play at the park, Duke loves the germ tree playground. He literally runs in circles screaming "fun! Fun mom!" before making friends and ignoring me completely.

Happy Saturday you guys! Cheers to 40 degrees!

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