Monday, March 11, 2019

by - 7:13 AM

Hey guys, happy Monday! I always think a good exclamation point placement offers some positive energy, so here, have another one!

I had a circus of toddlers in my house this weekend. My sister came up with her three kiddos and I think Duke B probably had the best time of all of us, and that's saying something, because we had a blast. It was screaming kids and a few dogs doing laps up and down the stairs for two straight days. I took my big sis wine tasting for the first time, and the weather even showed up with almost 40-degrees and sunshine. It's like the universe was smiling upon us. That plus no injuries and only a few sets of tears. I mean, premium as far as winter weekends go.

Speaking of that, we've got Lent in full swing and Daylight savings kicking off yesterday-- basically gas stations on the highway to spring. She's comin'!


So let's get to it - LINKS FOR WHEN YOU'RE BORED.

So, like everyone else, I recently watched Bohemian Rhapsody and forced my sister to watch it with me again this weekend, and I.Am.Obsessed. Not with the movie, although I think it's definitely worth a watch - it was great. But with Queen. I run the Spotify playlist pretty much from 8:30-5pm the entire time I'm at my desk, and keep popping over to Youtube to watch the Live Aid concert.

Apparently I'm in for an indecisive month. Try and shock me stars, that's my regular life.

You guys, invest 10 minutes of your life and just read this because it's pretty interesting. And short snippets, so even if your attention span is a millisecond, it's got you. Imagine getting a surprise windfall of cash. What do you do with it?

Totally. Since 2015, I've been exhausted and I want the world to know about it.

I am always here for a quick desktop refresh at the beginning (or first third, I guess) of the month.


So, sad as I am that I'm not sleeping right now, I am delighted that it's 7am and Duke B still is. Small wins to kick-off the week, right?

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