LINKS || February 18, 2019

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EDIT: I starting writing this at least two weeks ago. And it's not that I'm sooOooOO busy or anything. I'm just lethargic.


You guys, Duke is two now, and I'm finally in a place where I'm like, I just gotta get this kid out of my bed for good.

And you know, I have no regrets about co-sleeping. It's the only way we could survive and get some semblance of sleep for a long time. Would I do it again? Probably. But, for what it's worth, I have mostly kept my trap shut on this matter because people have some opinions on bed-sharing.  I literally always get the same response. It's kind of this look that simultaneously suggested they feel bad for me, but also question my judgement. There have been a lot of "oohs" and "yikes'" along the way.

So I just started lying and/or never mentioning it.

Anyway, it worked for us, so whatever, but it's time for him to move because even a king isn't big enough for that spread eagle, mom-kicking, takes-up-half-the-bed little boy. So last night, we dragged the mattress from his bed into our room and made like it's some kind of party to sleep by yourself.

Oh, and we also took away the nighttime bottles because we hate sleep. Ha! Just keeping our fingers crossed that a few days of little sleep turns out to be a cheap investment in a full nights rest moving forward into forever.

(Another edit here: since it's been two weeks since I started this post, I can report that Duke is mostly sleeping in his own bed, still winds up in ours about halfway through the night, and has completely dropped bottles. The bottles have been a life changer and for the first time, he is consistently sleeping through the night. WE HAVE ARRIVED!)


So, enough about me. How about some LINKS FOR YOUR WEEK -

Okay, so don't hate me for loving a cover of a legendary song. I know covers are tricky, but Garbage did it so many kinds of right. It sounds so much like Garbage circa the Stupid Girl-era, which if you ask me, and you didn't, was their best era.

- thank u, next was also recently released, and I've been listening to it on repeat for a week.

So, I'm planning a more full post on how I'm saving memories these days, but wanted to share this app I found shortly before Christmas because it's so dang cool. Basically you save a 1-second video everyday and can compile the whole mess into a month long or (if you stay motivated) year long segment. Kind of neat, no?

Ryan and I are doing some low-key renovations this month and while we started fast and furious, simple things like a backsplash has still not been decided on because, as they say, opposites attract. It kind of feels like the time we had a baby and couldn't agree on a name until he showed up. Ha! Eventually it worked out (durrr), but basically this kitchen is the Hudson of backsplash ideas. i.e. it ain't James enough and he ain't going for it.

- And if you're curious, here's all the rest of my crazy ideas.

I'm only reading this book about a decade after it's had its trendy hey-day. I have a goal this year to read 12 books because it's about 11.5 more books than I read last year and I've learned I need to carve out time, which is a story for another day. Anyway! I started easy with an old favorite, Joy in the Morning; just powered through The Nightingale, which, eh, I didn't love, and now I scooped up The Goon Squad from a secondhand shop. Any recommendations? I have a library card I need to get flexing.

I got Ryan a Yeti for Christmas and now I'm jealous of his hot coffee, while my mornings are a merry-go-round of little things to do that always circle back to the microwave to reheat my mug. I'd really like to get a Rambler Mug, but I'm seriously considering an off brand because Yeti doesn't have a good punchy pink. Ryan always says I like to make up problems if I don't have any real ones to worry about, and this just might be evidence of that.


Okay, hey! Fresh new week. May it get freakishly warm!

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