Sunday, January 13, 2019

by - 8:26 AM

You know what - I actually do think there are a handful of really good reasons to just lay on the couch and absent-mindedly scroll instagram. Reason number one: I feel like it. And that's the best reason of all.

Seriously though, I had a list of like, at least five things I thought for sure I'd do over Christmas break. I'm always too optimistic about my free time, so it was stuff like painting closet doors and finally printing/hanging photos -- you know, things I'm NEVER going to do. Long story short, I didn't and here we are.

Good news though, 2019 is still fresh and only a couple weeks old, so you know, maybe this year. Ryan and decided to get around to making some home improvements that we talked about when we bought the place back in 2015 and he's much better at getting things checked off a to-do list, so my year has been filled with shopping for carpet and getting estimates for refinishing our wood floors. I've been to Menards wayyyy more than usual. Probably more times this week than all of the last 3 years. Truly.                                                                                                                                              


Hey, how was your NYE? I ate a ton of carbs, went out for some drinks in the afternoon, wandered over to Stormcloud for dinner and cashed out by 11:50. We had some crazy weather and it was perfect.



So here's a great joke - literally every year I make a resolution to write more and then January 2nd gets here and I don't feel like it, so let's see how 2019 goes. Ha!

Happy Sunday guys. I'll be here watching ten million episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine with Duke because he's full on in a choo-choo train phase and that's cool with me.

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