Best of 2018

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Guys, listen. I write this Best Of post every year, but 2018 is a year I'm eager to put behind me. Not to be dramatic, but this damn year just kind of sucked. I spent a large part of the year feeling unfulfilled and directionless, while simultaneously overwhelmed by my responsibilities. 

The thing is, I think 2018 was a necessary catalyst. One of my major resolutions is to leave this year behind me and force myself to make some changes so I don't just sort of accidentally relive the same year all over again just because it's comfortable. But in the meantime, there were plenty of shiny spots in the year. Truly happy days were sprinkled all over the place.

So let's do it: the best of 2018. 

Duke. I know I say it all the time, but today, where we are right now, this is definitely the best age. I bet I spent all of 2018 saying that because this is the year that we really started seeing his personality come out. He started talking and expressing affection and has cognition to be funny. And somewhere in 2018, my baby stopped being a baby. It feels weird to keep calling him "the baby" because he is so clearly a kid now. 

The beach. I think living in Northern Michigan lands on my list every year. You just can't beat the lake ten minutes away and seventy-four places to get ice cream on the route to get there. 


Family. Duh. Friends. Duh. 


Mixed into all the things that made 2018 feel really difficult, there were so many sweet highs. 2018 was turning 30. It was having friends who know my drink order without asking. 2018 was learning to let things go. It was working on my patience and accepting that sometimes things don't look the way I think they should, but that they're still good. It was going to Mackinaw Island twice. It was a Gatsby party, and a hundred bonfires, and new babies and celebrating 30 years of laughs that have officially led to laugh lines and little wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. It was the glory of it being the final day of 2018 and my baby is still up in bed, sleeping at 8:37am. 

Wins. I'll take 'em.


I'm excited for 2019. My major resolution is to take action and lose the complacency and I just love the feeling of a fresh start. Happy New Year guys, I hope we all get rich this year. 

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