Christmas Vacation is Here!

by - 5:48 AM

Remember being a kid, when December showed up and you got a MF Christmas break? Like, no work, so school, just live in your pajamas and try to sleep through your mom vacuuming at 9am. Personally, I did not appreciate it enough. I mean, I liked it, but now? What a luxury, like if the world could just shut down for the week between Christmas and NY so this could just be a normal thing. That's also on my campaign pitch if I ever run for president (along with mandatory 3-day weekends forever). I don't ever understand why politicians busy themselves preaching about stupid things like walls, when they could just promise us more time with our families and secure the vote into eternity.

This year, I decided early to save a ton of PTO for this week and I am officially on my own version of Christmas break. I'm dearly looking forward to being the mom who vacuums while everyone is sleeping.

Things are off to a nice start. Duke's got some molars coming in, so he was a crab apple last night, but that was yesterday and today, everyone's sleeping while I drink my coffee alone with the Christmas tree lights on just over there, and some music playing softly over here. I'm writing myself a nice mile long to-do list for the day and I'm looking forward to just power-blasting though.

Do send wine though. I have to wrap presents at some point this weekend and I hate that.


Alright, tick-fricken-tock. The countdown to Christmas is on. I went to the grocery store THREE TIMES this week, grabbing things I forgot in hopes that I can avoid going back until 2019. Anyway, I'll be parked at home, trying to be very cozy and finally catch up on all the holiday movies on Hulu. 

Happy holiday weekending!

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