Wednesday, November 28, 2018

by - 6:19 PM

Hey guys, happy Wednesday.

I started a *cleanse on Monday after Thanksgiving weekend because all that wine and pumpkin pie had me feeling like a total slob-kabob. I'm two days in and shamelessly congratulating myself on having made it this far, but when I think about the last time I ate bread, it feels like a really long time ago. Two days -- feels so fast when it's Saturday and Sunday, but so brutally slow when it's any day without carbs.

There is literally a full loaf of bread that I baked on Sunday on my counter and I keep opening the bag to give a whiff because it smells so frigging good. Friday though, it's going down. The hatch. Ebb and flow, you know? A little detox, a little retox. It's basically the dance of my life.

Cheers to Friday, the end of the cleanse, and so much butter and sugar.

* I recently read that the word "diet" is out and "cleanse" is in because diet just reminds us all a little too much of moms circa the '80s and probably sugar-free jello. I can appreciate a semantic shift, so cleanse it is. 

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