November 10, 2018

by - 6:18 AM

Hey guys. It's November, so I'm obviously in full-time Christmas mode. The planning part anyway. I recently discovered Evernote, which has eliminated my twenty seven thousand sticky notes (quick synopsis if you're as behind as me: it's a notes app that syncs to your phone and computer, so you can make lists/notes/etc that live in both places and update each other).

So, it's the first week of November and I'm already a good 30% planned or purchased on my gifts and - this is a big deal for me - I've already finished and ordered two family year books that I make every year. Just for reference, I usually order those December 15th-ish and pay expedited shipping probably from Timbuktu, because it's approximately $800 worth of postage. So my point is that I have one single area of my life a little bit together right now.

And in other news, it is power snowing right now. First real snow of the season and I think it's probably here too stay. Duke. Is. Loving. It. I don't even know how he knows the word "snow", but he hopped right out of bed yesterday morning and got right to the business of announcing it at every window and wanted to be out playing it in promptly. Here I go again, but seriously, THIS is the best age.


Before we had snow though, we had Halloween last week and this is the first time I took Duke out trick-or-treating. He doesn't really get it, and costumes with masks made him lose his shit. And my little chatterbox got all kinds of shy so even though we practiced "trick or treat!" he kind of went the silent route and just handed people his bucket to go-ahead and pop a few candies in. Then we saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with a mask. Duke tossed his bucket and started scream crying, yelling for me to pick him up (mommy up! Mommy up!). We called it a day. He had about fifteen pieces of candy and it was 40 degrees -- so, goodbye.

He was a pilot, by the way. Ryan and I DIY-ed that thing (obviously) at about 11pm the night before because I was intent on being a Pinterest mom and Ryan was intent on it actually looking like a plane.

So, I mean, that's probably about it. Nothing too crazy new around here.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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