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So, I've been quiet over here and let me just whine at you the reason. I'm a lame writer. I only do it when I feel like it, and I like to do it in the morning, while everyone's sleeping. With candles lit, and some coffee and maybe some tunes playing softly in the corner. If I don't have those things, I'm not a writer. And I'm definitely not a writer at night. That's when I'm a Netflix watcher and a couch sleeper.

Duke's been waking up at roughly 4:30 for the last few weeks, but two positive things came from this + thanksgiving. First, now I'm in the habit of waking up at 4:30 (all it takes is 21 days, right?), so cool, I'm up. Duke, on the other hand, still hasn't recovered from the energy expense of hanging out with a handful of other kids, dogs and adults that he likes in general over Thanksgiving. Also, seeing the first real cat of is life, chasing the hell out of it, and screaming "meow!" at the top of his lungs. So he isn't up at all.

I am awake, I am alone,  I have my coffee, and there is music playing softly in the corner. And I am accepting this small gift from the universe with a Thanksgiving level grateful heart.


So anyway, after a quick November-long break, I'm back with all the links for your week.

  • I think we're on the precipice of all the Hodges Family Christmas Traditions we'll ever have. Right, like whatever I land on now has potential to become an every year thing and I'm overwhelmed. Do I want to do the Elf on the Shelf thing? Or the advent calendar? How about opening a book+jammies+hot cocoa thing on Christmas Eve. I don't have it together enough to do all of them, but definitely want to get one on the official traditions list. What traditions do you keep?
  • As if you need any ideas for how to use those leftovers. But I mean, just in case! I'm making these

Kinda bummed to be done with fall, but since time doesn't actually care how you feel about it, I'm just going to roll with it. Adios pumpkins. Hello Christmas everything.

Happy Monday!

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