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Oh cool. Monday again. I think if I ever have a genie pop out of a bottle, I'll ask for the power to stop time, or just slow it down a little. Because really, it's not just weekends that fly by, it's every day. It was my 20's and the week after Duke was born. My high school years, and the weekend that Ryan and I got married. It all blazes by.

We were downstate on Friday for a wedding that celebrated love with doughnuts and Ever Clear laced cider (yikes!), officially putting October weddings on my personal list of "Things That Are Nice." My kid decided that right in the middle of the ceremony was the moment he was going to learn how to say "geese" and shouted at a rogue flock of birds for at solid minute before Ryan hauled him off to join the rest of the toddler dads in the back. There was a handful of 'em and I sat next to another solo mom while we both pretended it was someone else's kid shouting "Mom mom mom moooooom!" Who knows, maybe it was. We both refused to turn around.


Okay, let's hit it. LINKS FOR YOUR WEEK:

  • This is a "but seriously though" kind of laugh. Enjoy, especially those of you who have daughters: "if you do ANYTHING to hurt my daughter, I swear to GOD, I will...step back and let her navigate her own emotional GROWTH."
  • I've been watching this Beyonce video on repeat lately. Casually renting out the Louvre with Jay on backup.
  • Hi, please vote"Turns out, arguing with your high school friend about why they should vaccinate their child isn’t the only way."

Brand new week, you guys! You never know, this could be the one where any one of us wins the lottery, moves to Hawaii, and starts drinking things out coconuts like it's our job.

Fingers crossed!

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