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Hey guys, happy Monday! Man, the weekend just cruised by, right? It wound up being a little busy, but good because fall weekends are pretty much the best. I went wine tasting with my mother-in-law and sister (who is currently house shopping in my neighborhood because miracles happen). We swung through a few old standbys and dropped in a new place because, I mean, they're all good, right? Not much of a risk.

On Sunday, I was a lazy old bum and I took Duke down with me. Actually, I wish that were true, because I'd have loved to camp out on the couch all weekend with a bowl of popcorn and a Hulu marathon, but Duke ain't about that life. He "maaaaaamaaaaa'd" me into about four hundred walks, which is less of a walk and more of a light jog, while I chase him in his gator and rescue him whenever he decides to offroad it into the ditch.


Okay and now it's time for LINKS FOR YOUR WEEK:

Is having 5 kids hard? Well, sort of.

Room on a Broom is on Netflix and Duke is obsessed. We watch it at least once a day, and it's plotty enough that I enjoy it too. And lol, the cat is such an asshole, but aren't they always?

You guys, SNL is back! Ry and I always watch it on Sunday night after we put the baby to bed, and I am so excited to pop some popcorn and cozy up with a million blankets. There just too much roastable material right now.

I painted my bathroom this weekend and I'm on the hunt for DIY projects for mediocre DIYers like myself. I mean, doable things. Like this. Or maybe this.

I just got these boots for fall and now I'm all kinds of welcoming of the cooler weather.

This is so cool. Check out the Art of Homemade Ice Cream, it's a really good watch.

Toddler moms, check this out.

Kristen Bell breaking out her Gossip Girl voice brought me right back to 2007. Reading Trump tweets made me cry laugh. XOXO.


Side note, October is my favorite month of the year. I'm so jazzed it's finally here and officially time for all the halloween jammies and goodies. Cheers to caramel apples and jackolanterns!

Fall Farmers market

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