What You Need and Asking Explicitly

by - 8:54 PM

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So this weekend, I was driving around with my sister-in-law - who, if you're following things around here, did wind up finding a house about ten minutes away, so I'll be celebrating for the rest of 2018 - and we were talking about explicitly asking for what you need. From the universe, or God, or whoever, I mean.

Back in January, I accidentally asked the universe for a year of change or - and here's the stupid semantics I picked -- something to pull me out of coasting in the right lane and push me kind of forcefully into the left.

I kind of think the universe heard me and was like, yeah okay. So, I got a year that kind of feels tumultuous, but in a selfish way. You know, like, things are pretty easy in general, but there's this one hard thing, or that inconvenient thing and I should probably just be grateful for the mostly good stuff. But maybe because I asked for change, I subconsciously prepared myself to seek out things that make it hard to hang out in complacency.

I don't know.  I rarely do, so I'm winging it and I've been focusing on asking for what I need explicitly. Like, let me just say out loud what I think I need, and if the universe delivers, maybe it's a sign?

I need a million dollars.

What do you think? Voodoo?

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