Tuesday + Links

by - 5:57 AM

Happy Tuesday you guys!

I took a long weekend and it was just what I needed to get refreshed and excited for a new week. I kickstarted the weekend with a few errands that included getting my haircut by a girl who made me laugh a hundred times because I didn't really know what else to do.  It started with asking if I wanted my hair washed. I washed it that morning, so I said no. She responded "well it feels dirty" and "is your hair always this hard to comb through?" and went on and on for the hour (are you trying to grow out your highlights?)

I "'kay, thanks'd" it through that fun interaction and moved right along to more interesting things, like watching Ryan chase Duke around the yard with a leaf blower, and snacking some pumpkin donuts at Gallaghers.


  • I have always wanted to do a Wayne's World costume with Ryan, and I love this family version. 
  • I know, I know, but I'm already starting to think about Christmas. Not in a let's hang lights! kind of way, but in a let's get it together early this year and not lose my mind kind of way. Although I have no judgement for either, really. Anyway, I love this train set for Duke B, but this one might be more age appropriate? 

If you include Halloween in "the holidays" - which I do, so you're in good company - then we're in sight! I've got the spooky music and Hocus Pocus on repeat for days around here. I'm excited for a fun week.

Happy Tuesday guys!

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