Podcast Update : October 2018

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Podcasts to listen to this October

Hey guys -- Ryan and I are road tripping downstate today for a wedding and since we don't really agree on a ton of music, we end up listening to comedy or podcasts when we're in the car together for a few hours. It's been a while since we last talked about podcasts, and I've pretty much burned through the inventory of back episodes on the stuff I was listening to last month, so now I have to wait for new episodes to come out. Bummer, right? I'm a champion binger and I like to have a few hours worth queued up. Get in, get out, you know?

So, I've mostly been into true crime / investigative journalism, but I dabble, so please, throw your suggestions my way!

Last Seen: this is my current obsession, but it's new and there's only three episodes and it's killing me to wait. However, it's goooood. The gist: it's investigating the largest unsolved art heist in Boston circa 1991. It's crazy, 1991 doesn't feel like long ago, but it also feels like such an anomaly that 15 stolen pieces of art haven't surfaced anywhere in almost 30 years.

Up and Vanished - Season 1: As usual, I'm late, but the full season is out, so this is what I'm currently binging. I literally listen to it in my car, while I'm in the shower, as I cook dinner, basically anywhere. It's another investigative piece, digging into the 12-year old unsolved disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a 30-year former beauty queen and high school history teacher from Georgia. One night, after a BBQ, she went home and was never seen again. The podcast reignited interest in the case and wound up with a ton of new developments.

Making Obama: I just started this one because I always need a suitable for work podcast and this is perfect. Documentary style, just a nice education on the young man who grew up to become President. It comes from the same crew that created "Making Oprah" and so far, it's fascinating.

Like everyone else, I recently listened to Dr. Death, which will pretty much put me off back surgery forever. And I keep getting recommendations for Dirty John. Anyone listen to that one yet?


Keep the suggestions coming! I feel like I'm always on the hunt for something new to listen to and the best ones always come from recommendations from my friends.

Happy weekending, you guys!

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