October 19, 2018

by - 4:48 PM

Hey guys - happy Friday!

Best day of the whole week, you know? Catch me on Saturday or Sunday and I'll probably say those are the best days, but who cares. I've always been bad at being decisive.

Feelin' pretty good too. I took the day off -- I've got a little bank of PTO days and I figured I should probably go ahead and use those -- so I'm home with Duke and he's currently parked at my feet, under the desk and he keeps asking me not to look at him, which is how I know he's pooping.

Anyway, this weekend I'm power-cranking through all of the fall stuff I wanted to do. You know, the good gimmicky stuff, like walking through a pumpkin patch and driving up 22 to see the colors. Because - red alert - we have already had our first snow and the Pinterest variety of fall is probably on its way out. I'm just going to try and get in on what's left.

And then project number two is getting started on Duke's halloween costume -- I'm giving this a try -- and then I'll be back to regularly scheduled programing next week with a definite post about what I decided to buy instead, because these projects never go well for me. We might get a laugh though, which is worth a little tape and spray paint.

Oh and lest you get distracted by the little clown in the stroller, please note the actual clown climbing into a Kia in the background.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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