October 14, 2018

by - 8:52 AM

Happy Sunday, you guys. A weird, feels kinda holy, miracle is happening here right now. It's 7:35am and my entire family is still sleeping. I'm a little afraid to go check on them, like I might find out Duke's been awake for the last hour, playing in the toilet or something. So I'm just going to not. I'm going to keep drinking my coffee with an exfoliating mask on my face and appreciate this small gift from the universe.

I've been a real homebody lately, which I think comes with the weather. For me, I feel this internal obligation to be out and about all summer because it's so nice (it only lasts three months! Go out! Be a person!). Once it cools down, that's when things get slow and I sure don't mind. The days last longer that way.

Lots of good things inside these walls, and I'm hunkering down to enjoy every bit.
Enjoying basic fall things, like donuts and cider and apple orchards.
And shamelessly exposing Duke to all the things that had fall feelings for me when I was a kiddo. Like Hocus Pocus and Ghost Busters and the way the air smells when leaves are burning.

Anderson and Girls Apple Orchard Michigan

Target Dollar Spot Halloween Cup

Enjoying fall in northern Michigan.
Ry's sister is becoming a resident and I am actively hyping this place and all our seasons to keep this permanent.
Michigan Fall

Enjoying hot chocolate with oreo whip cream.
Who even knew this was a thing?

Oreo Cool Whip


And enjoying my favorite, the return of footie pajamas.


Well I'm off. My baby is awake now and I hear the water running, which is scarier than anything halloween can throw at me.

Have a great rest of the weekend! I hope it rocks!

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