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Hey guys, happy Monday! Duke was a sicky all weekend so that was a little bit of a party, if whining, restless sleep and being a total crab are your kind of party. He was a little snuggly bear though, so that party favor more than made up for it. I mostly just felt bad for him because he was so sad and sniffly. All he wanted was another bowl of "conk-corn" and Coco on repeat. We literally watched Coco four times on Saturday and I can formally recite that movie in my sleep.


  • Starbucks dropped a Witch's Brew Frap. Toad's breath and bat warts? Sounds disgusting.
  • I made this overnight apple oatmeal for breakfast on Sunday. Duke dumped a cup of coffee in it, bless him, but it was totally good before that!
  • Quick PSA that everything fall and Halloween related are 70% off at Michaels. I brought home a ton of junk yesterday for under $50 that had Ryan rolling his eyes straight to China. I wound up with these shelves in my bathroom.
  • I've had this pinned for literal years and finally gave it a try this weekend. The messiest -- I'll probably still be finding splatters next July.

Alright! Fresh week, let's get at it. 

Neon Halloween Boo

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