Halloween Tees for Moms and Kids

by - 5:38 AM

You guys! Are you as excited about Halloween as I am?

I have a closet full of festive tees and hoodies that I can only wear for about two weeks of seasonal activities, so the second it hits, I put those things in full rotation.

I love ILY Couture for all kinds of holiday inspired goodies, because it's so good, and also - and this is huge - because there's tons of matchy-matchy stuff for boy moms, which is annoyingly rare in the world of influencers. If you have a little boy, and you like matching stuff (which I do, so you're among friends here), definitely start there.

I love this Boo T-Shirt for me, and the matching one for Duke B.
Not sure how long I can talk him into being my best friend, but I'm up for the challenge.
I mean, the Sanderson Sisters, of course.

I am always on board with a 90's rap lyric throwback.
Sneaking some jammies in here, because I have to.
If immediate gratification is your thing, this is at Old Navy.

Dibs on the good witch.
Super simple, and I love it.
Another movie reference I can't get enough of? Mean Girls.

It's official! We're a week out -- happy Halloween you guys!

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