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September is one of those iffy months where every nice, summer like day feels like an undeserved gift, you know? 80+ degrees and sticky hot, it might as well be July, and let me just say, I'm not complaining. I spent the entire day on Saturday outside with Duke and basically used the day to teach that little turkey how to count our blessings.

For instance:

A mid-September swim in the big lake with a little nude-y booty.

And warm evenings to take a drive, eat junk food and play at the beach playground until it gets dark out.

Duke loves the playground and since he doesn't go to daycare, I've been a little obsessed with getting him around other kids. It's becoming a little bit of a daily routine -- one that I'll miss when winter swings around. Gross. 



  • Do you have email anxiety? I never felt like an anxious person until a few years ago, and email anxiety is one of those things that will literally stop my breath on a weekend. 
  • I'm only two years in and I already have a couple of parenting regrets, but what I love about this piece is what she doesn't regret. We're all just trying to survive, right? My kid still drinks milk from a bottle. Come and get me.
  • Cold weather in this house means hot chocolate for all (or just me, because Ryan is opposed.) I laughed a lot at this Official Taste Test video.
  • I have been listening to this playlist on repeat for a good two weeks now.
  • No link, but real talk. Does anyone have a good solution for mosquito bites? Preventing and treating? Duke got power blasted this weekend even though I covered him in some voo-doo essential oil mix (I really don't want to DEET him, you know?). He got a good one on his eyelid and it's puffed up to the moon.
That's a wrap. HAPPY MONDAY!

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