September 8, 2018

by - 7:33 AM

Hey good morning! Weekending -- it's the best.

Duke basically spends his life asking for the "gees pease!" and standing in the drivers seat of any vehicle he can a.) get the door open and b.) coax the keys for. I've got the only sedan parked in our driveway, so it's usually my car, and it's hilarious to see him hang on the handle and throw his entire body weight into pulling it open.


Ryan's at a bachelor party this weekend and promise you, I don't even mind. I mean, I hope he's having a great time and whatnot, but it's the visions of lighting every candle while it's still dark in the morning and indulging in a marathon of old episodes of American Horror Story -- the best season, obviously -- that's got me jacked. It's almost 7am and Duke is still sleeping, so I'm drinking a cup of coffee with you folks here and listening to Kacey Musgraves, and I'll tell you what, the weekend is off to a great start.

We have a new little Friday routine around here that is just top-notch. I come directly home from work, clean the house for an hour, then scoot over to Frankfort to pick up Duke. We usually take the long way home, listen to some tunes and grab some soft-serve in Honor. I get to vacuum without Duke chasing me around pulling the plug out of the wall and also get to wake up on Saturday morning with zero chores. It is so good. So good.

As usual, I have big plans to not have big plans this weekend. Its cooled down just the perfect amount so I'm going to try and get my life together enough to make it to a park or something. I used to love spending the summer on my back deck, and I still do, but Duke prefers the front yard with immediate access to the garage, so I've spent the last few months perched on the front porch, dragging my little speaker and a stack of magazines with me. We'll probably do something like that too.


Nice short week (please see my million previous posts recommending the three day weekend as the new normal) that made Friday feel like it got here extra zippy. I hope you have a rockin' weekend!

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