Mom and Me Pieces for Boy Moms: Fall Edition

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fall inspired mom and me pieces for boy moms


Everything in time -- that's what I keep reminding myself. I have had some kind of bittersweet feelings about fall, because I just really love summer and I can't even think about closing up my windows for the year. And especially at the end of July, when the back to school frenzy starts and bloggers get antsy, it feels like fall is just like, forced on me while I'm still trying to enjoy rose on a patio.

But then, you know, once it's time and fall rolls in, I really love that too. I can get behind some 60-degree weather and a not feeling like my hair is sticking to my face.

There's the promise of lower 70's this week and I am 100% down for it. I think September is maybe the most underrated month. This is the perfect cocktail of some summer days, a few cool fall-like days, and still keeping the windows opened. And side note: I live in a tourist-heavy area in the summer, and pretty much everyone who's not permanent packed their shit on Monday and booked it out of town. September is for the locals, you know? And now I can guiltlessly start dreaming about cute cold weather stuff for Duke B and me.

I've had my eye on that Abercrombie pull-over for a few months. I just keeps popping up on my Facebook ads because they know how to get me. And how cute are those red buffalo plaid slip ons? I don't want to get too matchy-matchy, so I think a cool scarf would be a fun way to pull it together without looking to gimmicky.  I bought the black and white check Sorels last year, and ordered these semi-matching boots for Duke last week.

Okay, and to completely backtrack on everything I said about gimmicky matchy-matchy stuff, I love the ILY Couture tees. Take my money. Please, just do it.


Happy Wednesday guys! Halfway to the weeeeeeekend!

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