Fall Bucket List

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Okay, so Duke had his first sleepover at Grandma's house this week and so Ryan and I did weird things like, we went out to dinner just the two of us and ate everything while it was still hot, and we talked to each other. Then we went home and watched TV -- we're about halfway through the first season of Ozark and oh my God, this show gives me anxiety-- and it was so weird. We weren't trying to be quiet, and I wasn't yelling at the dogs to be quiet and neither of us said "can you turn the TV down?"

I probably annoyed Ryan to death, telling him at least a thousand times how much I missed Duke, but  then we slept all night without waking up to get a bottle or to the sound of tiny hands trying to turn the bedroom doorknob, getting pissed and body slamming the door instead. And I don't know, I just sort of feel refreshed in the morning. So this is what a full night's sleep feels like? I seriously forgot.

I did miss him pretty bad, but I have a very real and fire hot motivation to revisit that sleep-in-your-own-bed challenge we've been working on since, oh, September 2016.


So, remember when I had a little crisis about turning 30 and emotionally dealt with it by powering through 30 things to do in a really short amount of time to somehow make my 20's feel more productive at the last minute? Let's do that again!

I am really trying to enjoy the seasons I'm in, instead of always looking towards something else. And generally too, you know, like enjoying this season of motherhood, or this season of having three dogs who my Oma claims are more work than the baby (true). This season of fall, and when it gets here, damn it, I will find a way to enjoy winter. Check back on that one though.

I have small plans for enjoying this fall, but I want to check-box them all. Want to join me?

fall bucket list for moms

When I wrote my 30 before 30 list, I learned pretty quickly that having a list of cool things to do actually made me do them. Weird, stupid - I don't know, but I like to check a box, you know?

Happy weekend friends!

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