Best of Summer 2018

by - 8:08 AM

Today is the first full day of Fall and it's a little bittersweet. I love fall and I can get behind all the bonfires and mulled wine and and jack-o-lanterns, but I really love summer.

I'm a beach gal and I can take those 80-degree days like it ain't no thing. I like a glass of rose on a patio somewhere and the smell of sunscreen. I like the sound of jetskis on a small, inland lake. I like sun, I like sand, and I like hot. And I think this summer was especially fun, because Duke is getting bigger and so we can play and chatter and going to the beach isn't an awkward magic show of trying to breastfeed without smothering the baby with whatever's available to cover up with, and also wondering if anyone will notice me drinking a shandy immediately after. That was summer 2017, fyi.

This summer was Duke yanking free of my hands as soon as his feet hit the sand. It was friends who know my drink order, and I know theirs. It was living in a small town long enough that that I run into someone I know every time I go to the grocery store. It was settling in and getting comfortable.

Duke turned 2. I turned 30. Ryan and I had our 5th anniversary. I'm still learning annoying life lessons, which is not what I thought I'd be doing right now because even maybe last year, I thought I'd have it together by the time I turned 30. That didn't work out, but it's going okay. 

My friends came up at the end of July, and we had family here all summer. My niece Hayden was our live-in nanny for a few weeks, which closes the circle on a prophecy I made as a joke ten years ago. 


I'm done talking about it now, I promise. Here's to a fall that sounds like Kasey Musgraves and smells  smoky, like leaves burning and candles melting inside pumpkins. I like summer, but I'm ready for fall. 

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