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Oh cool, Monday again. I'm choosing to be very Pollyanna about this week, so fresh week! Fresh chances! Can't wait.

So this weekend just blitzed by, because they always do, and because time flies when you're having fun. My best friends and their kids were here so obviously time was operating on warp speed.

Things are definitely different than they were ten, or even five, years ago before any of us had kids. But it's not a sad different. You know, even now though, I tend to think back on our high school and college years together kind of wistfully, like a really good time that I can never get back. And that's true but this weekend together, I just kept looking around and feeling so content and wishing I could just hold this moment and feel it forever. Almost certainly, when our kids are big, I will look back on right now and just wish it back.

Then I'll look back on this picture and our children's faces and be like, lol nope!


Moving on to decidedly unrueful feelings, lets talk about how to waste our lives on the internet! I have links, one or two to enrich our lives, a bunch to throw some money at, and a laugh here and there. I'm making that math up -- I have no idea how many cool links I've saved this week, but I'm hoping it's right around that ratio.

  • Tonight, Duke bit me roughly four times and randomly chucked a potted plant across the living room when I was finally like, dude, you need a time out. Then I suffered with him, watching him from the baby monitor, sit like a sad little garden gnome on his tiny little bed, just a wailing away in his bedroom. This is a friendly reminder that love isn't the only thing kids need from their parents
  • I love The Financial Diet -- it's one of those blogs I check out every day -- and bonus,  they're running a series called "This is 30" that feels so timely for me. I'm hooked!
  • If you A.) like cheap laughs and B.) check Instagram frequently through the day, follow Comments By Celebs for a friendly sprinkling of ha-has on your regular old Tuesday. They're a little heavy on the Chrissy Teigan and John Mayor, but every once in a while we're in for a little Madonna zinger or Drake treat. 

It's fair week, you guys. I'm pretending to indulge Ryan in some side-by-side racing on Thursday, but jokes on him. I'm there for the fried oreos and corn dogs and I can't wait.

Happy Monday! It's over and cheeeeers to that!

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