The Weekend Round-Up + Links

by - 8:18 PM

So, Saturday was rainy and I wasn't even mad about it.

It's so weird how 60-degrees is the great reprieve. You know what I mean? In the spring, the first time it's 60 and we're all breaking out our flip-flops and feeling grateful for some nice weather finally. And then it's back again in the fall and out come the hoodies for the first time, and it's like yessssssss.

So it was kind of a cool and dark drizzly day that was perfect for piling on the couch and watching 90's teen movies all day. I mean, not Duke, because he doesn't sit still for ten minutes, but he ran in and out of the room for the majority of the day while I hunkered down with a bowl of chili and Election and I think we both enjoyed our day.

Around 7:30, the sun randomly popped out, and we hadn't been anywhere, so I asked Duke if he was interested in getting ice cream and going for a drive to the lake, which obviously he said "yeah Mom!" He's been all about calling me Mom lately, which it's my name, so duh, but I think he just realized that it's my name, and so he just like, addresses me at every opportunity.

Anyway, before hopping in the car, he stepped in some mud and became convinced/obsessed that it was poop and so we had a mini-meltdown. And then he fell asleep while we drove around (not an accident), so I was literally washing his feet, praying he wouldn't wake up, in the dark after I snuck him back into the house. #motherhood


Can we talk about what kept me busy this week?

  • Preeeeeetty sure this is the only part of my life where I have a trust fund.
  • I cleaned out Duke's closet over the weekend with the basic intention to swap out all the 18mos stuff, and move in the 2T things that I've been stashing. I almost cried a little to see that he pretty much already fits in all the big-boy stuff and maybe I should start shopping for bigger sizes once fall is actually here. I've got this, this and these in my virtual cart. 
  • I recently read an article about Lisa Brennan-Jobs and that was really the first time I learned about her rocky relationship with her father, Steve Jobs. I'm looking forward to picking up her new book. For me, it's a question I ask myself all the time: can you even be considered successful if you're a failure as a parent? Anyway, I'm also putting Feminasty and The Coen Brothers on my list for this fall -- no further philosophical questions (yet). 
  • Anyone else like to casually read their horoscope? I'm not a believer, but I like reading it anyway, so that when the 29th goes to shit, I can be like well, shoulda known.
  • One of those friendly reminders that somethings are worth the money. Just buy the friggin' latte (or the shoes, whatever.)


Okay! I'm off to make some tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, because it sounded really good earlier when it was rainy and cool. Now that it's humid and hot, not so much, but I'm sticking with the plan. Mostly because I don't have a back-up. Ha!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love your dream job! I didn't even know that was a thing but it sounds like so much fun!
    Xo, Kelsey |

    1. Right?! Who knew it was a thing? I bet I could just dream up so many inappropriate things - lol!