August 12, 2018

by - 7:31 AM

I drank too much coffee and basically spent my week overthinking a really long series of stressful things. On Friday, I put Duke to bed and realized immediately that the only thing I wanted to do was lay next to him and fall asleep listening to him breathe. I love that the night is truly such a recharger in so many ways. I woke up on Saturday feeling a lot better.

NOMI friends, have you ever gone to the Sara Hardy Farmer's Market? It's incredible and huge. I go to the Frankfort Market pretty regularly on the weekend and I think for the size of the town, it's pretty decent and variety is really nice. But I had some errands to run in TC and decided to just make a morning out of it, with the market as my first stop. My socks were knocked clean off. It's worth a visit, at least once, but I do think that getting their early is probably key. We were there around 11am and it was pretty packed and people are not in the mood to move over for a stroller.

Quick intermission: Duke is power-washing his wagon as I sit on the front porch and write this. That's because he is so much his dad and they clean their main drivers at least once a week. It is 7:17am FYI.


I'm grateful for a new week. I'm feeling hopeful. I don't necessarily believe that all things happen for a reason, but I do think they can spur action that makes you believe they do.

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