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This is a hundred different kinds of cliche, but I don't care. I still can't understand how, as a culture, we came to a place were we collectively agree that two days - two days! - is plenty of time to catch up on errands, and wash all the laundry, and relax for a fews minutes and spend time with our families. Who decided that? Yeah, two days oughta do it. The rest of the time you can spend chasing money. 

Recently I've been thinking that I don't actually have to live this way, but that's a story for a different day. And until I manage to make my dreams into priorities, I'm going to utilize the hell out of those two days. 

So we got up early on Saturday to swing by the farmer's market in Frankfort so I could scoop up one of those brownies that takes two hands to hold and eat it for breakfast on the beach. Duke only wants to swing, so I didn't even have to share. #hallelujah

On Sunday, I lost my mind entirely to Gone Girl. I started it last week and took a few days to sink really into it, and then once I did, yesterday, I hopped right off the high dive. It is the mind-fuckiest book I've ever read. Obviously I coerced Ryan to watch the movie with me after the baby went to bed. It's an exchange for every episode of American Pickers I've watched in the last decade and a pretty fair trade, I think. 

Now lets catch up on all the blah blahs I've been wasting my time with:

  • I love fall TV. Actually, here's a little something I'm probably supposed to be ashamed about -- I friggin' love TV in general. I just like a good story, you know? Anyway, I'm so pumped about a classic King series with Castle Rock, a fresh season of Orange is the New Black, and rewatching my old favorite, American Horror Story, which I like starting right around Halloween. 
  • All summer, my knees have been killing me. It didn't really occur to me that it might be my cheap flip-flops until I wore something with support by accident one day and big surprise, had normal 30 year old knees for a day. So now I'm on the hunt for something with some cushy heels and arch support. Anyone have any experience with adidas Eezays or cloud foams?

Okay, I'm ready for a new book. Suggestions? Anyone?


Happy Monday!

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