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Oh the weekend. I'm going to keep it short since I was just here yesterday talking about the 4th, which kind of swallowed up our entire weekend. But basically we lived my dream life. I took a few days off last week, so it became a really long weekend and you know that delicious feeling when time isn't a thing? We did that a lot. Just coming and going from the beach to the ice cream place and back again until it was dark.
Moving right along. Have some links for your week --
  • Remember all those cool recipes I said I was going to make last week? BIG SURPRISE - I didn't. But I did make these brownies and they were gone in 24hours. Non-pro tip: leave the mixer in the cabinet and mix these by hand. Trust me. I fucked it up three times before figuring out I was over-mixing the whole business. 
  • Do you like to laugh? Also, how do you feel about pop culture? If you answered "yes" and "mostly good" then check out the Comments by Celebs Instagram. 
  • I stumbled upon these mostly hilarious dishtowels in a random little store over the weekend and cry laughed. I'm sold on this one for sure. 
  • I am a sucker for a good graphic tee and this site has me feeling all kinds of creative. The world lacks "mommy and me" getups for boy moms, and I'm about to rectify that little situation in my own closet at least. 
  • My new favorite foodie blog. It's not new, I'm just late to the game as usual. If you're like me - aka mostly plant based, but always willing to make concessions for pizza and/or cheese - come on over. You'll like it, promise. 
  • I just picked up this print for my entry way, or D's room, I haven't decided. And seriously considering this one for basically anywhere in my house. 
  • I'm in the middle of this book right now and I can't put it down. Like, I stuff it in my work bag so I can read it on my lunch break instead of cruising insta. I know! The author just came out with another book about Hemingway's third wife, and I'm picking that one up next. 
That's it for me tonight. I'll be back in the next day or two because have I got a story for you. It involves George May, a cut paw and the house I walked into after work today that looked damn near a murder scene.

Happy Monday!

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