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You guys, I want to talk podcasts with you. With everybody really, because I just started to get into them and I'm kind of greedy for more.

Two things: Spotify now has a tab specifically for podcasts, which rocks. But I still didn't care until my friend Stephanie brought My Favorite Murder into my life. Have you heard me talk about this a million times yet? Good. I listen to it every day - minus the parts when Duke is in my car because, hello - it's murder. But I'm a working mom, so that's hardly ever. And FYI, I've had a lot of mom guilt lately so watch for spikes of sarcasm because it numbs the pain.

I digress. Here is what I'm listening to these days --

My Favorite Murder - you know we had to start here, right? This is a top-rated podcast and with good reason: it rocks. The hosts - Georgia and Karen (and a menagerie of cats who make sounds here and there) present a murder in each episode. True crime lovers will go for this because it's totally interesting. But the hosts are hilarious and have great chemistry that makes you laugh so hard. Not at the murders, because obviously, but they derail quickly and thats where things get funny. If you like Dateline, but also like to laugh, this is for you. *side note, this can get really graphic and they really like the fuck word, so if you've got a weak stomach or an aversion to foul language, skip.

Stuff You Should Know - to be honest, I don't love the hosts here as much as the MFM gals, but I do love what they're doing. There are more than 1,000 episodes to choose from and each one is totally stand alone, so you can dip in and out without feeling like you need to listen in order. Basically, each episode is a mini documentary, explaining how something works. i.e. "How Tsunamis Work", or "How the Underground Railroad Worked" and "What Happened in Pompeii". I usually listen to this at work because it makes me feel smart and it's 100% office appropriate.
Pod Save America - Full disclosure: if you are a sensitive supporter of the Trump Administration, this podcast is probably not for you. If you're not and you're into politics, come right on up to the fire. It's four former Obama-era aides who are better informed than I am, and dish expertise + opinion on a variety of subjects (mostly current events).
History Chicks - This is my new favorite. Women talking about women who have changed history. It's badass. Very research heavy and there's laughs here and there, but comedy is not their gimmick. A heads up, these episodes can get kind of long, so it rocks for long car rides or while you're trying to drown out your kid's whining while making dinner.
Okay guys -- you're turn. Share share share! Doitdoitdoit! What are you listening to?

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  2. Yes! I just stumbled into That's Why We Drink and I'm about three episodes deep right now. I'll definitely check out the other three you mentioned. Thanks Leslie! Hope all is well :)