July 4th, 2018

by - 7:39 AM

Just in case you haven't noticed, the general mantra of my life is "man, where did the time go?" And that's about everything: the years, the summer, the weekend -- I'm always stunned when it goes too fast, like I haven't had this life experience a million times before.

Lots of beaching, two tracking and sparklers later, 4th of July is done again. Start the countdown to Christmas, it'll be here next week.

Seriously though. I bopped into Target for a minute yesterday to return some stuff, and I was lured into the bowels because A.) it doesn't take much and B.) all the summer stuff is on sale. You'd think tomorrow the leaves are going to start falling, because Target is going hard into "back to school". But whatever, our live cycle is basically one marketing campaign to the next and I'll take advantage because you know what? Summer actually just began.  Here come the dog days, and may they last.


I took Dukers to the parade in Frankfort and this Mom-of-the-Year forgot to bring his shoes. After I decided to not bring his stroller of course, because I figured he'd want to walk. So I carried my 25lb burrito for the better part of two hours and earned every bite of the hot dogs I ate that afternoon.


You know what's the best feeling ever? After days of slob-kabobing on the beach and sleeping late and smelling like a bonfire, when everyone starts trickling on home and it's slow and easy and then - here it comes - you take a shower. It's like showering after camping, there's just nothing like it. Followed up quickly by falling asleep early. If I can just live in a cycle of that for the rest of my life.

I've become obsessed with a variation of that idea for a while now, actually. The whole life doesn't have to be a series of obligations that take you away from your family thing. I think about it a lot -- I really believe that we have this right to enjoy our lives and I don't accept our societal belief that two days is adequate time to fit the actual living part of our lives. 

Something about turning 30 really feels like this concrete page turner that I'm looking forward to. Like I have permission - or rather, an obligation - to make big changes in my life because it's a new decade. I can't explain it, and I don't have a road map, but I am hopeful. My twenties were about accomplishing big goals. My thirties are about cultivating. May I sow something worth reaping.


In the meantime, though, more popsicles. More laps around the lake. More drinking coffee on the deck. More books on the beach. More sleeping with the windows open and luxurious naps. In a hammock. Because this my dream, and I can throw in an imaginary hammock if I want to. 

Happy Sunday!

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