July 21, 2018

by - 6:48 AM

Whoooo-wee. What a week. It's the kind that feels like it's never going to end, but folks, here we are and it is Saturday and I can see the cocktail at the end of the tunnel.

I've been single mom-ing it all week and man, even if I didn't like Ryan,  I'd keep him around because this ish is exhausting. He's at a bike show in Ohio riding motorcycles and handing out my business card to every tent owner in the vicinity (ha!) while I'm trying to talk our toddler into staying in bed for the bobillionth time tonight.

I remember when my niece was really little - and this is a decade ago, so my sister and I were so young then, too -- and she kept popping out of bed. My sister put on her mom voice and sternly told her to march right back to her bed and I cracked up laughing because I couldn't take Dee seriously. This is my karma.

Anyway it's been a party around here, and we've got a busy weekend on the agenda. I'll be sticking around, but I have about 27 things left to do on my before 30 bucket list. I did perhaps, not use the last month as efficiently as I could have, so we'll just be power-packing it all in for the next couple of days.

But let's end with a little enjoying post, because it's been a wild one, but it's been pretty okay too.


Enjoying pie.

Make a cherry pie was number 22 on my list, and I fixed a late night sweet tooth by spontaneously baking one up on Wednesday. I mean, sort of spontaneously -- I obviously planned to make one, but it wasn't really the plan at 9pm in the middle of the week. Duke B contributed by plucking approximately 74 cherries from the pan while I rolled out the crust and I got that awful thought that I always get when I'm too happy that these are the days. This is what I'll miss when he's older and it literally stops my breath because its all going so fast.

And then we ate pie from the pan together on the couch while watching Places Unknown because I want him to grow up cultured, and we were fine.

Enjoying a new book.

Okay, so I pretty much stopped reading consistently after I had Duke and my general excuse was that I don't have time. Which is kind of true, but miraculously I've developed time to scroll instagram for two hours a day (I have the Momentum app that tells me how much I use my phone and it is disturbing). Since my life is formally dictated by a list I made a month ago, I had to read a book because I made it a goal and wrote it down and somehow, that means more than just casually thinking I should read or something. We should talk about this actually sometime, because that's a thing, the writing it down piece.

Anyway, I read The Paris Wife, and it was incredible and so engaging. But moreover, I realized that I do have time to read, but I just have to accept that with time constraints, I can't jump into a book, dedicate hours a day to reading it and have a really good one finished up in a  few days. It's a change, because that's my experience and what I thought I don't have time for. I totally have time to read a few pages a day and take a whole month to digest it. I just got Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald in the mail yesterday and I'm excited to get it started. Side note - Kellye, are you the one who told me to read the Zelda book?

Enjoying 29.

My birthday is a few days away and this is the last weekend of my twenties. I feel -- I don't know, maybe complacent -- about the whole thing. I don't have an negative feelings about getting older and maybe because I don't really feel any different than I did when I was 19 or 24, but I do feel a little more fire to start living more intentionally. I think I just assumed when I was 20 that I'd have things sorted out by the time I turned 30, and I mostly do, and I'm satisfied with where things shook out. But I don't want to be so trusting with the 30s. I want to have a five year plan and a list of goals to accomplish. Just....yeah, more intentionally was the right way to put it.

So the first order of business this weekend is to intentionally visit my mother-in-law's new puppy, Bob. She just brought home an 8-week old Rhodesian Ridgeback and I can't wait to get a whiff of that puppy breath (kidding -- barf).


Happy Saturday ya'll!

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