July 1, 2018

by - 6:45 AM

Okay, so I'm 100% not going to complain because I will take hellfire heat before snow every day of the week, but seriously -- hellfire heat ain't no joke.

95 degrees in Northern Michigan. Man, I'm glad I'm not pregnant.

Yesterday, it was already hot at about 7:30am, so whatever -- that's just to set the environment. I'm marching around my house with a messy top knot and a romper, trying to get the house sort of cleaned enough to the point that I can comfortably move on to weekend fun stuff. It sucks, but I like a clean house, you know?

Ninety million degrees and I'm just trying to vacuum the stairs (because spoiler alert, when it's humid and sticky, the dog hair hidden in the carpet sticks to a sweet baby's body and makes him look hairier than a grown ass man) and all Duke has on his mind is to unplug the vacuum. Just over and over, he's pulling the plug like it's his job, I'm wiping sweat from my forehead and he's giggling and running away with the cord.

I gave up and grabbed a lint brush and half-assed the last couple of steps. Then we went to the beach. Oh and side note -- I took a shower at 4pm yesterday afternoon and my hair is STILL wet.


Can you guys believe we are halfway through the year already? I still think it's 2016 all the time and we're cruising right along to Christmas. Someone I know recently posted on Facebook that you only get 18 summers with your kids and A.) that's one way to sink your heart and B.) I've already blasted through 1.5 with Duke B. I guess it's just a reminder to prioritize our lives and my list could use a good shake.

And moving on, because I think about that too much and it makes me sad every time. So!

Fourth of July -- I sure don't mind how fast and furious that's coming at us. I took a few days off work at the end of the week to make it a hella long weekend and I am just not so casually counting down the days. Lots of family  - which is the best part - and bomb pops and a few shandys and a boat and Crystal Lake and boxes and boxes of sparklers. I'm pumped. Ryan has a niece who is my age and she has a little boy, Jax, who is just a few years older than Duke B. They'll be here for the whole week and I am so excited for Duke to have someone to hang with. One of my favorite things about summer holidays is that it always brings our favorite people up north. I get so excited for Ryan's sisters and brother to come up and have them to drink with and hang out with and go to the beach with. I'd love it so much if Duke grew up knowing that summer is when Jax comes to play.


So today, we're off to the Cherry Festival. There's a car show and a beach and the Blue Angels -- and let's be real: fair food. You'll find me wherever they're selling the foot long corn dogs.

Happy Sunday!

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