July 2, 2018 -- WWD + Links

by - 10:32 PM

Hm. What we did this weekend? We cooked.

I cooked actually. It is straight-up Africa hot right now and I'm not being a big boo-hoo about it, but we don't have an air conditioner, so we gotta get out of this house once it hits 90-degrees. So, I took Duke B to the lake and apparently my sunscreen skills stop at the pudgy toddler legs.

I mostly meant well. Duke didn't get burned, but I missed one of my legs entirely, and all but one splotch on my back. Here's where the party continues  -- I never realized how much Duke likes to jungle gym my bod until he started digging his fingernails in my boiled skin like he's rock climbing or something. My barometer for pain is zero to childbirth, and it isn't give-me-the-mother-effing-epidural-yesterday level, but I'll safely stack it somewhere between a hangover headache and a root canal.


So, I'm trying a new thing here. A little "what we did this weekend" + links to all the things I wasted my time on in the week. Maybe it'll be fun? Maybe it'll be self-serving and I'll finally remember that Megan Markle style blog without googling it everytime. We'll see.

  • I bought THIS print on Etsy last week. It didn't end up working out where I imagined it, but it's right at home at the top of my stairs.
  • I'm off work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and so I'm telling myself that I'm going to be totally productive (I'm not). I think in my fake life, I'll imaginary make this and this and this.
  • I'm too late for this year, but I really wish I had my shit together soon enough to have ordered this shirt from J Crew.
  • July horoscopes are here. If you're in to that kind of thing. Which I am. I'm a Leo baby -- tell me more about me.
  • Oh and PS - I bought that Michigangster cup on Mackinac Island, but you can scoop it up here.

Happy Monday ya'll. I'm pretending it's Thursday because I will make my own happiness if it kills me. Cheers!

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